The crew at Vengeance Racing really put the pedal to the metal with their supercharged and nitrous-equipped 7-speed manual C7 Corvette this past weekend at their local drag strip. If you’re not familiar with Vengeance Racing, an earlier article we posted of their C7 giving a beautiful co-pilot a ride can be seen here.

With a stock short block and heads, a big cam, methanol injection, an ECS Novi 1500 blower, and a 100-shot of nitrous, Vengeance was able to extract a neck-snapping 1018 RWHP on their dyno. While LMR’s C7 Corvette put down a whopping 1100+ horsepower to the tires at TX2K14, Vengeance Racing isn’t far behind in the race for the highest horsepower C7. 

Out of both runs on the video, the best run was a 10.20 @ 144.03 MPH with a 1.669 60-foot – not bad, considering that the clutch in their C7 is still from the factory! Vengeance also states in the video that their C7 is still utilizing the stock fuel system, rear end, and axles, which is really impressive for factory parts.

To our surprise, both runs seen on the video were without the 100-shot of nitrous. Vengeance Racing’s tire of choice was the Toyo R888 Proxes, which are not considered a drag radial, but a DOT competition tire intended for road course use. Just imagine the times that the car would put down if they ran the car with legitimate drag radials and nitrous! We’ll just have to wait and see, as Vengeance is taking their car out to the strip this coming weekend on the bottle, not just boost. They will most likely be running the Toyo R888 Proxes again, but we expect nothing but good times from their C7 – good luck guys!