Video: Vararam Adds Exhaust Division to Their Repertoire

header-largeAs one of the leading producers of air induction systems, it’s only natural for Vararam Industries to enter the exhaust marketplance and provide customers with a true, one-stop shop for free-breathing products.

Each of their intake systems is designed using the latest in aerodynamic technology and real-world testing to reduce restrictions and produce the most power under the torque curve for an improvement that can be felt from the driver’s seat.

When they set out to build their VRSS long-tube header/X-pipe system for the LS3 Corvette platform, research indicated that a 13-degree welded collector featuring reverse venturi would strengthen the wave tuning of the primary tubes, and when you reduce this engineering-speak down to “what’s in it for me,” you find out that it spreads the torque curve across a wider RPM range for power you can feel.

The system also includes an X-pipe that has been engineered to improve the resonance wave timing – and there’s a built-in wideband oxygen sensor bung to boot. High-flow 1200 CFM catalytic converters are included, and they even take the time to hand-port the transition between the cylinder head flange to primary-tube connection to improve the flow and quality.

All of this adds up to an exhaust system for the LS3 that adds 30-48 foot-pounds of torque and 30-52 horsepower, as independently verified by shops like Cartek and England Green Racing. 

The system is available in 1 3/4-inch and 1 7/8-inch primaries with a 3-inch X-pipe standard, and the end-user has a choice of with or without catalysts. The smaller system is designed for use by stock Corvettes and modified cars up to 550 rear wheel horsepower, and the larger system will work from 550 RWHP to 700 RWHP machines.

For more information on the complete line of Vararam Industries products, check out their website.

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