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Video: Using Hydraulic Wheel Jacks to Reclaim Unused Garage Space

Garages are proof of the axiom, “Nature abhors a vacuum” – look into the car hole in any typical home, and you’ll find it’s more full of boxes, sporting goods, washer and dryer sets, fishing poles, wakeboards, big 200-count boxes of individual match books, and bric-a-brac than cars. But, you still need a place to keep your Corvette out of the elements, and you’d like to maximize the amount of space you have to do it. You look at your car sitting there, and think, “if only I could slide it sideways…”

If you’re Canadian, the solution is obvious – install chiller piping, flood the garage floor, and turn it into a combination of car storage and a curling rink (arena? pitch? court? I have no idea what you call the place where you slide those big rocks.) But if “make ice” isn’t your go-to problem-solving plan, wheel jacks like these from Mid America Motorworks offer a solution. They slide around tires up to 12 inches wide, have a lifting capacity of a whopping 1,500 pounds per jack, and if you get four (we’re not sure why you would get less than four, unless you happen to have a Morgan or a Reliant, too), Mid America Motorworks will give you a rolling storage cart for free.

Turning wasted space into usable parking spots means more room in your garage for that second Corvette, after all…

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