Video: Update on 2019 ZR1 AND Watch It Tear Up The Green Hell

Oh hey there, here’s yet another video of Chevy’s top-of-the-line C7 ZR1 and it’s in fine–and raucously loud–form.  More of what we’ve already seen, but we’ll never get tired of seeing this thing at speed.

We talked about the 2020 C8 Corvette recently, so we thought we’d run an update on the big kahuna C7 by you. Recently, seasoned car journo Don Sherman talked about when we might see the ZR1, accuracy of LT5 RPO leak and even what the window sticker migh be on this beast.

Just a render but very cool. Too bad it’s just a dream…

We saw this over on Hagerty’s website and thought it was interesting,  Mr. Sherman says, “My educated guess is that the 2018 ZR1 will break cover at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin’s Road America race track in conjunction with the August 6 Continental Tire Road Race event. The photo op of the street ZR1s juxtaposed with Corvette C7.R racers is too golden an opportunity for Chevy to squander.

The new ZR1 engine will benefit from the same direct fuel injection and variable valve timing found in the Corvette Z06’s 6.2-liter LT4 V-8. Factoring in a significantly larger Eaton Twin Vortices Series supercharger and higher capacity air-to-liquid intercoolers should enable 750 horsepower. While speculation associated the LT5 badge GM has registered for this engine with a DOHC design, that was, in my judgment, either a smoke screen or an “accidental” document error.


This year’s ZR1 will also be armed with special features to optimize its aero performance: a means of accurately controlling each corner’s ride height to take maximum advantage of a variable front splitter and an active rear wing flying high and wide. In March of this year, GM applied for a patent that describes this equipment in intimate detail.

Photo – Car Lifestyle

Considering that 2013 ZR1 list prices began at $112,000, I expect the 2018 edition will cost about $135,000. That sounds like a heap of cash for a Chevy … until you consider value. Then it’s Ferrari- and Lamborghini-beating performance at less than half the price.”

In the meantime check out the video and hear the sound of large displacement blower singing it’s heart out…

Photo – Motor 1

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