Video: Unwrapping a Brand New C7 Corvette Stingray

vette1We’ve all been next to a car carrier on the interstate, packed full of brand-new vehicles heading to their new owners or a car lot somewhere. Some carriers, like BMW, use completely-enclosed trucks to transport the vehicles, but the vast majority are hauled in open-air environments, leaving the pristine machines exposed to the elements and the possibility of damage.

Over the last several years, most manufacturers have moved to some sort of vehicle protection, whether it be adhesive-backed plastic to cover the fenders and nose of the vehicle, or a full-car cover, like the ones that the brand-new Stingray makes use of.

Now, before you go getting all excited that your new C7 Corvette is going to arrive with a car cover that will save you from purchasing one in the aftermarket, think again.

We ran across this video of Coughlin Chevrolet’s Rick “Corvette” Conti unwrapping a new ‘Vette, and the process is more involved than you’d think at first glance.

As a vehicle is transported from Bowling Green’s Corvette assembly plant to its final destination, it may see rain, sleet, and in the wintertime, snow and salt. From what we can figure, GM has a full-time engineer (or three) on staff just to design these vehicle wrappers, as the removal process appears to be quite involved.


It takes Conti a while to get the cover off the car, unsnapping a few plastic fasteners along with a number of hook-and-loop closures while taking great care to not damage the Night Race Blue hue that covers the coupe’s flanks.

Granted, for many people this would be the most unexciting seven minutes and five seconds of video ever, but if you’re a consumer who’s placed an order for a new Stingray, this might just make your week. Click the video, and enjoy Corvette Rick’s commentary.

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