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Video: Unbelievably Close-Call As Two Vettes Nearly Crash

Luck – it’s one of those things that either you have, or you don’t. Some people seem to never catch a break, while others seem to come out on top of every situation they land in. We should all hope we can one day get as lucky as the two Corvette owners in this YouTube Video, because pure and simple chance is all that saved them from what could have been a pretty rough collision.

The video was taken on September 18th, 2010 as this Atomic Orange C6 Convertible was leaving what we assume to be some kind of Corvette gathering. The C6 pulls into the right hand lane, and is stuck sitting while the traffic in the center and far-left lane keep moving. Now, you’ll want to keep your eye on the silver C5 Convertible as it comes up quickly in the left lane.

Talk about a close call...

The driver of the orange C6 gets a little impatient with the slow traffic, and starts to pull out into the center lane. The silver C5 has started to dip into the center lane as well – and simple physics tells us that two objects can’t occupy the same exact space – or in this case the center lane. The sound of crunching fiberglass seems inevitable, but by nothing less than sheer luck, the two drivers manage to navigate their Corvettes away unscathed. Really, it’s too close to believe.

Remember to check those mirrors when changing lanes folks. You might not be quite as lucky as these two guys…

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