Video: Twin Turbo Z06 Runs Effortless 8-Second Quarter Mile

Not many years ago, single-digit quarter mile times were reserved for only the most hardcore of race cars. This provokes memories of big solid roller cams, open headers, full cages, and gutted interiors, usually a far cry from what most would consider “street-friendly.” Here to remind us of how much EFI and turbocharger technologies have improved in the last decade is a beautiful 2006 Corvette Z06, built by the guys at Redline Motorsports. Watch the video as it effortlessly pulls off an 8.69 second quarter mile.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Z06. This purpose-built machine packs twin Garrett GT35R turbochargers, feeding the 432 cubic inch power-plant through twin intercoolers. Along with PRC ported LS7 heads, a custom camshaft designed by Redline, and an AMS-1000 boost controller to keep everything in order, this Corvette lays down 1025 horsepower and 995 pound-feet of torque to the tires. A set of Diamond forged pistons, Oliver billet connecting rods, and a Callies 4-inch stroke crank put the twist into an RPM-built 4L80E transmission. Power is then transferred though a carbon fiber driveshaft into the stock Z06 differential and axles, out to a set of 18-inch CCW Drag Pack Wheels and 345 section-width Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. Oh, and did we mention it still has the full interior?

You can see in the video how controlled the car is during the burnout and launch, with only a chirp of the tires before it flies straight as an arrow across the finish line at 159 MPH in only 8.69 seconds. Vehicles like this Z06 are a constant reminder of how a well-engineered combination of parts can produce such consistent and reliable results, as well as the remarkable ability to drive it comfortably every day on the street. This is really what pushing the limits is all about.

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Joshua Forster is well rounded within the automotive industry, with experience as a GM technician, college automotive professor, and manufacturer's technical sales representative. His passion for performance started with his 1999 Camaro which quickly transformed from stock, to over 1000 rear wheel horsepower. Josh holds ASE Master Technician status, and is currently the youngest member of the Mojave Mile 200 MPH club, with a top speed of 202.5 MPH in his Camaro.
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