Video: Twin-Turbo ‘Vette Makes 1244HP at the Rear Wheels!

1244 Rear Wheel Horsepower! Will the dyno hold up? Image: Late Model Racecraft.

We all have a magic number in mind when it comes to horsepower, but for the majority of us it’s a 3 digit number. Late Model Racecraft likes to think bigger and was able to make 1244 rear wheel horsepower with this twin-turbo ‘Vette, and 1028 ft-lbs of torque! They accomplished this task by starting with an already stout LS powered C6 Corvette.  From there, the changes were plentiful and included two turbos, a FAST intake, Nitrous, and a multitude of other improvements. Cap that all off with a tank of methanol and a stout dyno and you’ve got a 1244 horsepower dyno pull!

As you watch the video below, pay close attention to the way the ‘Vette tries to leave the dyno in a hurry. It’s a combination of watching something cool, and a little scary. As things start out, all looks well and just like any other chassis dyno run you’ve ever seen. Once she starts shooting for the record though, everything changes. The Vette starts to literally scream, and you’ll quickly start praying that the tie down straps hold or else that ‘Vette is headed to the moon! It makes you wonder if the guy behind the wheel knew what he was in store for when he woke up that day.

Late Model Racecraft offers performance upgrade kits for the new Camaro and Corvette and also offers tuning service. They specialize in late model GM Performance, so if hot LS motor Chevy’s are you thing, they’ve got you covered!

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