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Video: Twin Turbo C6 Corvette Hits the Dragstrip

By Paul Huizenga

posted on Jul 18, 2013

gbunce01Want to go hunting the LS dragstrip ET record? Gerald Bunce’s 2008 Corvette build would be a pretty good blueprint… A 427 cubic inch Proline Racing mill topped with Mast Motorsports Mozez heads and a Hogan’s sheet metal intake manifold, running on alcohol and boosted by a pair of Precision 88mm turbos good for north of 3,000 horsepower provides the motivation for this insane build.

Brink Racecraft of Arlington, Texas handled the chassis work, and a look at their album of Bunce’s Corvette on Facebook shows just how serious this car is. A Mark Williams narrowed solid axle centersection and 4-link suspension replace the factory IRS, allowing huge Goodyear slicks to tuck between the fenders – necessary to handle that level of horsepower. As the video shows, even with all that rubber on the real estate, the skill needed to pilot a car like this and keep it headed in the right direction is no joke.


While not built to any particular class spec, Outlaw Drag Radial competition seems to be a good bet, and of course since the car is still wearing its license plate, we’re sure Bunce will be taking it to the local drive-through every now and then…


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