About the only time that it’s OK for your car to produce any kind of smoke is when you’re setting the rear tires ablaze in the midst of an epic burnout. If anything besides your tires starts smoking, it’s a sure fire sign of big and expensive troubles that are about to come your way. In this video we came across on YouTube, we get a front row seat as a twin-turbo C5 Z06 Corvette takes an innocent spin on the dyno, only to have something go very wrong, and start producing the wrong kind of smoke.

At the beginning of the video, you’ll notice that the red Vette gives a few warning signs that it’s in trouble, as puffs of smoke pop out from under the rear car when the driver raps the engine to get enough RPM’s to up shift. However, no one seems to notice or care, and it’s probably too late anyway. The driver drops the hammer and the twin turbo Vette screams to redline as white smoke starts to waft from under the hood and eventually starts billowing out the exhaust.

When the driver finally shuts the Vette down, the guy filming turns to his friend and gives a questioning, “…Uggg?” as if to say with this one monosyllabically simple sound, “That can’t be good. What on Earth just happened?”

So what do you think went wrong here? Turbo seal troubles? Something let go in in the engine?

That's never a good sign...