Lining up a late-model Mustang and a C5 Corvette at the drag strip could result in just about anything – Mustangs, for all their faults, are cheap and easy to make very, very quick, so even going up against a car like a Corvette, there’s no guaranteed outcome. In this particular video the black C5 is matched against what appears to a Terminator (2003 or 2004 Cobra), but in the end the Mustang is terminated. West Coast Corvettes hosted the evidence of a serious blue oval beat down thanks to the STS rear mounted twin-turbo kit and all of the supporting goodies on the Chevy. At some point or another, drivers have run across one of the factory supercharged Fords only to be harassed by that pesky “cat in a blender” supercharger whine and incessant smack talk.

Once the lights drop the Corvette takes off leaving the Mustang in the dust; from the launch, the 60-ft mark and rest of the way down the track it is nothing but a view of C5 taillights for the Ford driver. On the inside lane at Bandimere Speedway the lights illuminate the win and display a 10.765 at 137.47 MPH before the slobra even makes it through the beams. Considering the elevation of the Colorado drag strip, this makes the 10.7 ET even more impressive, and by adding the ability to run on 91-pump gas (according to the WCC website’s description of the kit) it only adds to the cool factor.