Video: Twin Turbo C4 Corvette On The Dyno In Europe

The fourth-generation Corvette made for a great road-race car, but with the exception of the ZR-1’s 375-horse LT4 engine, the standard 350 cubic-inch L98 and LT1 engines were not forefront in the dreams of racers everywhere thanks to their middling power output.

vette2For this overseas ‘Vette, that’s where Luxembourg’s Repacom Racing comes in. As you might imagine, finding hot-rod parts in Luxembourg is not exactly a “dial-up-Summit-and-give-them-the-card-number” kind of affair. Assembling parts and pieces is time-consuming and incredibly expensive compared to here in the States, but Repacom has come to the rescue. They’ve taken the C4 chassis and stuffed a twin-turbo LS1 engine between the framerails that makes a whopping 710 horsepower on the dyno at Shiftech. 

vette1While there isn’t a ton of information available, we do get to see some high-quality camera work and listen to the sights and sounds of wastegates poppin’ and thundering exhaust as they tune the machine, which ends up pumping out somewhere around 28 pounds of boost if our conversion chart is correct. Getting all of that boost to the air-to-air intercooler in the cramped underhood confines of the C4 chassis is a challenge, and the turbo piping work reflects the difficulty in doing so.

We dig the unique trailer design, too – the sculpted walls make for a much better-looking piece than the typical slab-sided trailers we have here in the USA. 

It appears as if Repacom offers quite the repertoire of engine building, parts sales, and mechanical and restoration services to go along with their racing exploits, but since their website is in German, and we don’t translate, that’s the best we can do for you today. Enjoy the video!

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