Video: Turbo ‘Vette Versus Turbo Supra on Airstrip

If you’re a fan of turbocharging, you might remember this Corvette from this video we ran back on New Year’s Eve. If you’re of the partying type, you may have completely missed it because you were out having a life while we were slaving away on the keyboard. Regardless of whether you caught the original post or not, the car’s owner is back in this video driving his other car – the ’98 Supra that also appeared in the first video.

It seems that he owns a couple of hot-rods, most notably the two in this video. The lightened 2700-pound Corvette features an LS3 engine that’s been pumped up by a billet-wheel 76mm turbocharger running 9 pounds of boost on pump fuel, while the Supra runs at full weight using the same billet-wheel turbo. The Supra is pushing 31 PSI of boost and cracked off 923 rear-wheel ponies, but the light weight of the ‘Vette appears to have the advantage in this roll-race down a closed airstrip. That light weight gives the ‘Vette a boost in the video, but on a prepped track with some sticky tires we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Supra come out in front.

The owner of both of these cars appears in most of the SuperSpeeders videos, and from watching their promo spot it appears as if the group is just a bunch of rich kids that don’t have much responsibility, if any at all. They do, however, have a number of really nice, really quick, really expensive hotrods, and it appears as though they thrash the death out of them on a regular basis. Since we’ll likely never own a single one of these cars, it’s nice to see other people spend their money. Check out the end of the video…. we’ll stick with jets; you can keep your single-engine planes.

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