Vans have been making something of a comeback in terms of coolness lately. Or maybe that was wagons. Most vans on the road these days are used by businesses, whereas twenty or thirty years ago living out of your van was the “hip” thing to do. Still, some of these vans can move out, thanks to modern powertrains and help from a few aftermarket modifications.

These two videos, the first of which found on the Tampa Bay Examiner, show a regular looking Chevy Express Van taking down the mighty Corvette ZR-1. How’d they do that?

We are a bit skeptical that this is a ZR-1 Corvette, as there is no definitive proof. The Express van’s mighty 72mm turbo drowns out almost all other sound in the video. Yes, that beige Express Van is equipped with a massive turbo. Why else would it be at a drag strip? The only other modification we’re told about is a Z06 cam in the otherwise stock 5.3 liter Vortec V8 engine. Supposedly, this 7,000 pound all-wheel drive van can run in the low 13’s down the ¼ mile, according to a commentator heard on the video.

Low 13’s are quick, but quick enough to beat the ZR-1? Not likely. The Corvette driver clearly bogged down on the launch, and the van’s all-wheel drive may have helped it out of the hole. Then again, in the second video, the van lines up, again, with the supposed ZR-1, and beats it, again. It also beats a number of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, V8 Mustangs, a cammed LS1 Camaro, and supposedly even a NSX. Maybe this van really just is that bad ass? Watch both videos and judge for yourself.