Video: Tuned LS9 Makes The Manifolds Glow On the Dyno

APP Racing Engines TV: LS9 Corvette ZR1 Engine on dyno from APP Racing Engines on Vimeo.

Would you believe that an LS9 is capable of picking up almost 100 horsepower at the crank thanks to nothing more than a tune? Well, believe it, because that is just what this video we found on Vimeo from the Dutch tuning company APP depicts.

APP says that this LS9 bolted up to their engine dyno has just had “a little bit of programming”, and yet pumps out 734 horsepower at 6,500 RPM. The video of the LS9’s dyno runs is thoroughly un-dramatic, and in fact, it doesn’t even sound all that cool thanks to the fact that the engine is hooked up to a stock looking exhaust system. But, there is a pretty cool visual effect from making that much power – the lower connection to the stock cast iron manifolds glows a bright cherry-red. APP is even kind enough to switch off the lights in the dyno room to help us get the full visual effect.

APP is a very accomplished tuning company from the Netherlands, who specializes in both Porsches and LSX performance. In fact, they are the exclusive partner of the German FIA GT3/GT4 Callaway Competition, and their engines have powered several championship-winning Corvettes throughout Europe. It’s safe to say they know a thing or two about LS engines. We can’t help but wonder what chassis this tuned up LS9 will finally call its home.

Can you imagine popping your hood after some spirited driving and seeing that molten red glow from your exhaust?

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