Video: TRANSLOGIC Looks at the SBC’s Evolution and the ZR1

There really is nothing more American than apple pie, baseball, and the Corvette. Our friends at Corvette Blogger found these two cool segments from a recent episode of the AOL show “Translogic,” where host, Bradley Hasemeyer, takes a look at Corvette’s beginnings, the evolution of the Small Block Chevy, and the baddest Corvette to date – the ZR1.

After taking a very nice 1960 Corvette for a spin around Detroit, Hasemeyer heads to the GM Performance Build Center, where he interviews our good friend Dr. Jamie Meyer, of GM Performance Parts. Dr. Meyer gives Hasemeyer a quick overview of the world’s most popular V8, and how its origin is tied into the history of the Corvette.

In the second video, Hasemeyer gets to romp around the streets of Detroit in a 2011 Corvette ZR1, where he lets the LS9’s 604 foot-pounds of torque carry him to 60 MPH a few times in less than 3.5 seconds. After making us all jealous that someone turned him loose on the streets with a ZR1, Hasemeyer heads over to Pratt and Miller to talk with the Technical Director of Corvette Racing about how similar the cars the Corvette Racing Team uses are to the street Vettes. Then it’s back over to the GM Performance Build Center, to talk with Dr. Meyer about the amazing Chevy LS engines we all know and love, and how they are continuing the small block heritage with Corvette to this very day.

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