Texas is home to many of the fastest street cars on the planet, so it’s no surprise that the caliber of rides Texas Speed Syndicate has on its roster is top notch. TSS is an organization dedicated to going fast in all forms of motorsports, and right off the bat we spotted many Corvettes, Camaros, and CTS-Vs flying the “Syndicate” flag. In the video above, the group shows off their drag racing capabilities from a group of street cars, many of which are LS-powered and in the 10-second zone.

Besides drag racing, the organization hosts other private speed-oriented events, like the upcoming Runway Rivalry (5/18/14) event where competitors race down a long airplane runway (1,500 feet), as well as other autocross and road racing club meets where members can put their rides to the test.

Texas Speed Syndicate hosts a plethora of events for the andrenalin-crazed gearheads of the Lonestar state, including airport runway meets, as well as street car shootouts at the dragstrip.

Events are held at a few different venues: Texas World Speedway, Motorsport Ranch in Houston, and Harris Hill Raceway. While this is an exclusive organization, you can register for various upcoming events on their website Texas Speed Syndicate. For those into road racing, TSS regularly hosts private events that feature small run groups, making it great for someone learning how to drive a high-performance vehicle. You can also check out some of TSS’ other videos on their youtube channel.