Video: Top Gear Helicopter Crash Caught on Video

No, this isn't from when the helicopter crashed, but rather, while the ZR1 was running almost neck and neck with the gunship.

We love watching car programs on TV just as much as the next enthusiast. Especially with it being the winter months and in the off season of racing, with many of us in America stuck in snow country. So we turn to shows like Top Gear to get our automotive lusts on.

The UK version of Top Gear has caught on so well, that is has expanded in several other countries – including Australia (since cancelled), America, and even Korea. While the American version kicked off with a slow start, the Korean version is quite popular in its native country.

In a recent test, Top Gear Korea presenter Kim Jin Pyo raced a C6 ZR1 against a pilot in a Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter. This isn’t the first time a Top Gear challenge raced a helicopter against a car – Top Gear UK performed a similar feat with a Lotus Exige and an Apache several years ago.

Not quite a drag race that you see everyday!

Everything was going great at first; the Vette even won. But once the car and the helicopter both crossed the finish line, the chopper lost altitude in a tight turn and slammed into the ground.

It was very unexpected for everyone involved, obviously, but Pyo’s state of shock once he realizes what happen is suspenseful. There’s a moment of silence while he’s pulling up the Corvette to park, and once reality hits him, he leaps from his car and runs towards the wrecked helicopter. Luckily, and miraculously, no one was injured.

Per our in-house “skid kid” BJ Kimbrough, you gotta keep them turns up when you tail-kick it to the right like that. We have a vague idea what he means, but the central lesson here is that even a well-rehearsed, professional stunt can go wrong in moments.

Yikes! To watch it as it happens, watch the video link posted above.

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