Video: Top 7 Reasons to Visit the National Corvette Museum

If you haven’t made the pilgrimage to the National Corvette Museum, in Bowling Green, Kentucky there are a lot of reasons that you should. This commercial we discovered from NCM gives a full rundown of the reasons why a trip to the NCM would be worthwhile for every Corvette enthusiast. To that end, we compiled the top 7 reasons why you should plan a trip to the NCM:

7. The NCM building itself is just as sleek and sophisticated as the Corvette. The 115,000 square foot building has Corvette inspired curved walls and “space aged” architecture. It’s only fitting that the building be as cool as the car it honors.

6. NCM is located across the street from the only place on earth where Corvettes are made: the Bowling Green GM Assembly Plant. Why not check out the birth place of the late model Corvettes at the same time?

5. Bitchin’ Displays – an average of 80 Corvettes are on display at any given time at the NCM; some production, some concept, some rare – all bad ass. There are several historical displays, and an entire display is dedicated to Corvette’s racing heritage. Then there is the famed Corvette Sky Dome; 140 feet in diameter dome home to the Corvette Hall of Fame.

4. They have a Corvette in the lobby specifically for you to sit in and have your picture taken.

3. NCM Has all the Amenities of Home – Corvette Café, Corvette Theater, Corvette Conference Center, Corvette Library, Corvette Boulevard, and Corvette Store. Why would anyone even need to leave?

2. In case you haven’t already heard, NCM will soon have its own motorsports park where you can run your Vette wide-open and learn to drive like a pro.

1. As a further testament to the Corvette’s awesomeness, NCM is the only museum in the world dedicated to a single car model.

Check out the National Corvette Museum webpage for more info on visiting.

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