If you’re a Corvette or ALMS buff, you’ve most likely heard of Tommy Milner. At the ripe age of 27, he pilots the Corvette Racing #4 C6.R race car in the GT2 class in the ALMS series, and damn, does he do a beautiful job.

Being a factory GM Racing driver definitely has its perks as far as new products go, and the new product topic for this video is, of course, the next Corvette that will soon go under the knife to become his next race car.

In this video, we get to watch Milner flog the new C7 Corvette Stingray around Virginia International Raceway. It really is refreshing to see a Corvette Racing driver handle the new C7 around a racetrack, being that all we’ve seen lately are some reviews and comparisons.

Not only does Milner give a play-by-play of each corner and straightaway of the track in its entirety, but he also compares and relates to his C6.R race car the whole time, which is great because the C7 was developed with a lot of input from the Corvette Racing team. Getting to see how all of that research and development works on the track with a professional driver is really informative and shows that Chevrolet took the time to perfect this Corvette.

Coming out of each turn, accelerating on each straightaway, braking and downshifting, the car looks and sounds really solid and responsive, as it should be. We are also awaiting more details on the new C7 GT2 cars for the ALMS series, so stay tuned for those as well!