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Video: Tommy Corvette is Back

First and foremost, we should mention that Tommy Corvette doesn’t have a “safe for work” filter on the lyrics in this video, and if you’re concerned about the boss peeking over your shoulder while you gawk at the “endowments” on the screen, you should probably bookmark this one for a bit later. You may remember the writeup that Lindsey did for his “Black on Black on Black” video; with this video, “Chevy’s”, Tommy adds another shining tribute to his mic-check skills. As with any artist, as they build a body of work you can begin to form an opinion of what their artistic vision is – we think it’s safe to say that Tommy’s “vision” consists of barely-dressed babes crawling all over a bunch of cars he may or may not own. We’d also venture to guess that 95% of the people reading this post will be OK with that. Sorry, ladies… unless that’s your thing too.

Tommy tells us that he’s “got a fetish for Chevy’s (sic) and a passion for music.”  He’s stepped up his game from the last video, adding a number of new women to the stable of beauties he’s paying to be interested in him, and the video production seems to be a bit better as well. Lots of nice cars on display, although we’re not sure how many of them were scratched by belt buckles during the vigorous “polishing” that took place that day. And at least there isn’t a “Gangnam Style” dance to go with the video, so after you enjoy it today and share it with your friends, it will be quickly forgotten. Just remember, some things just can’t be unseen.

Perhaps the best part of the entire video? The blatant trademark infringement at the very end. Doesn’t matter how much you love Corvettes – misappropriating the Crossed Flags is asking for a letter from GM’s lawyers…

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