For most people their daily commute to and from work is just another mundane part of their life that they would rather just get over with as quickly as possible. However, for Corvette drivers, they might actually find themselves wishing their commute was longer so they could spend more time behind the wheel.

In this video we discovered on YouTube, one C5 owner gives us a quick look at what their daily commute is like from behind the wheel of their 2001 Corvette, all condensed down into a 46 second time lapsed video. The caption states that this video was shot in Orlando, Florida as a test of the owner’s new camera. Merging onto the highway, hitting stop and go traffic, waiting at stoplights for way too long, and dealing with fellow commuters that are a bit on the rude and pushy end of the spectrum – we can imagine that all of these daily annoyances must be far easier to deal with from the driver’s seat of America’s favorite sports car.

So, how many of you take the “scenic route” down a few twisty back roads on your way to work just to get a little more time behind the wheel of your favorite car?