Have you ever heard of the three Scaglietti-b odied Corvettes? Don’t worry, neither had we, until CorvetteBlogger reported on them back in October. While you may not recognize the cars, we sure hope you recognize one of the masterminds behind them. Does one Carroll Shelby ring a bell to anyone?

That’s right – while you likely associate Shelby with the Mustang and the Cobra, he also helped design the little-known Scaglietti Corvettes.

That’s not the only thing the cars have going for them, however. They also weigh in at 400 pounds lighter than the ‘59 Corvettes they are based off of, pack a powerful punch with the Chevy V8 under the hood and take many styling cues from European cars.

So why haven’t you heard of these Corvettes? Probably because no more than the three original models were produced. Make sure to check out all the information about these unique cars in CorvetteBlogger’s article.