Video: Tim Lynch’s Street Car is a 1,300 HP Twin Turbo Z06

What would you expect Tim Lynch to use as a daily driver? I mean, given the nature of the beastly twin-turbo C6 Corvette that he has dominated Outlaw 10.5 Eliminator with, setting records with runs in the low 6’s at over 230 miles per hour, you might expect his normal car would be significantly tamer than his “work car’, but you would be amazed at just how similar they really are.

While this obsidian C6 Z06 built for Lynch by Vengeance Racing might not actually be his “daily driver” per se, it is as close as you can get to a street version of his Outlaw 10.5 Corvette. The Z06 is powered by a twin turbo LSX that makes 1,343 horsepower and an earth-shifting 1,229 pound feet of torque at the rear wheels. You can attribute that power to the two GT35R turbos that push 25 pounds of boost. According to the car’s build thread on, the engine is an all-forged LS7 built by Proline Race Engines, the same folks who built the engine for his record setting Outlaw C6.

The guys at Vengeance have spent a lot of time tuning this car to get it where it is today, and in the video we get a look at one of their latest dyno runs in the Z06. In the video, check out the two of the guys from the shop sitting in the trunk to add a little bit of weight to the rear end, and keep it on the dyno drums better.

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