This past weekend, the 2014 Corvette/Chevy Expo was held at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas where spectators and enthusiasts could view some of the best Camaros, Corvettes, Chevrolet trucks, and classic Chevrolet show cars on display.

Of course, no car event would be complete without a bikini contest and an abundance of models walking around posing next to the cars and signing posters for adoring fans. Lucky for us, xman25a on Youtube, posted up this video of a photoshoot with three lovely ladies in front of a C7 Stingray so we could live vicariously through his camera lens and see how impromptu car show photoshoots really go down.

While the video focuses on the three models posing for the Stingray, we couldn’t help but notice some of the funny dialogue in the background. After the first pose was over, the model in the purple bikini points toward the small crowd behind the photographer and giggles “don’t be a creeper!” to a little boy holding his iPad backwards – laughing, the little boy says “I’m just getting a lot of pictures!” Props to the little guy, he’s got a good eye.

No off-the-cuff photoshoot would be complete without the owner getting a pic with the models by their car, so the woman that owns this C7 exclaimed, “It’s mine, it’s my car!” and eagerly jumps in between the three models to pose for some pictures. We bet she can’t wait to show those pictures to her grandkids, or at least when they’re old enough to understand the funny feelings…

Those were just a few humorous moments that we wanted to point out in this amateur behind-the-scenes video, but really, we just like looking at beautiful models and Corvettes – they go hand-in-hand.