Video: This Is a Dog Driving a Corvette (Sort Of)

Dogs are man’s best friend, or so the saying goes. But man has many friends and many hobbies, and it can be hard to get a dog involved in all of them. That doesn’t stop people from trying, and we could see a dog being quite handy in a garage, fetching wrenches and sockets while we’re under a car. But could a dog actually drive a car?

Well… no, despite what those crazy Kiwis in New Zealand might think. But we did come across this adorable video of a dog “driving” a remote control Corvette, and seeming to really enjoy the ride.

There is something very appropriate about this video, starting with the dog’s name, Timbit. Timbit is a nine-year old Toy Poodle (just a miniature version of a regular poodle) who apparently has a need for speed. The car, naturally, is a Corvette, albeit one that has undergone the pink Barbie treatment. For a Toy Poodle, this makes only too much sense.

While short, this video is kind of heartwarming, and we swear it looks like Timbit is smiling as he gets driven back and forth in the Barbie ‘Vette. At the very least, Timbit’s tail is wagging in a manner that leads us to conclude that the dog is enjoying itself. And the bicycle helmet on Timbit’s head? Well that is just the proverbial icing on the cake. Make sure you show this video to your girlfriend or wife; it’s sure to put a smile on their face as well as yours.

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