Video: This Corvette Really Cooks… Literally!

Anyone who’s ever turned a wrench on a car that hasn’t had enough time to cool down beforehand knows that underhood heat is enough to cook with. A few of us have even tried it for real. But rarer still (pun intended) are those who have documented the results on video.

In this clip from’s Joyride with Rory Reid, the host and his pal Robert Llewellyn use a C6 Grand Sport convertible to cook a multi-course meal while taking a nice drive through the English countryside. By sealing the ingredients in foil “take away” containers and placing them adjacent to the exhaust manifolds, secured with zip ties, they hope to be able to harness some of that underhood heat to cook up some proper British fare.

ProTip: Nothing is better on a long road trip than a fresh baked potato straight from the valve cover

Of course, it wouldn’t be a UK car show without some colony-bashing – we’re told that the Corvette is too big and too powerful for European roads, especially English country lanes, and the fact that Chevy doesn’t make a proper right-hand-drive Corvette is bemoaned as well as the pair cruise around, waiting for the meal to cook.

OK, maybe they do have a point about the Corvette being too big for English country roads...

When the results are unveiled, the duo taste-test the food and conclude the results are better than they expected, though the term “not overcooked” is thrown around a bit. Some helpful tips for those who are considering their own underhood cuisine: First, use containers with foil lids, rather than the paper ones these two utilized, and second, substitute pieces of bailing wire or stainless zip ties for the nylon ones to prevent possible melting and loss of your entree. Advanced auto chefs may also want to experiment with placing food in different areas of the engine bay to achieve proper cooking temperatures and have separate courses cooked completely at the same time.

On the menu: Sirloin steak, Yorkshire pudding, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and peas & carrots.

Bon Appetit, and Bon Voyage!

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