Video: There’s Always Somebody Quicker…

This video rather reminds me of a time when I was out in the family hauler, just minding my own business at a stop light. I was sitting behind some kid in a white ball cap, in his Acura TSX, who was busy grooving to the tunes until a Mustang pulled up beside him. All of a sudden, things got serious. Well, sort of…

A quick look at the rear bumper of the Mustang told me that this was a V6, so in reality, there was nothing to get too excited about. However, Buddy in the TSX didn’t know that. Whether the Mustang driver was really into it or not, I’ll never know, but next thing an older Camaro pulls up in the outside lane of this major suburban artery.

I’m watching all this in absolute wonder. The bowtie already has everyone beat, though nobody has moved an inch yet. By the sounds of it, the 4G Camaro is packing big power, but the other two are already into their own race. Within a few seconds, the light turns green and all involved blow out of the intersection. After a few seconds, the Camaro is lengths ahead while the other two negotiate for advantage.

Me, I’m following the action, now about twenty car lengths behind when, out of absolutely nowhere, an SVT Lightning blows by me and proceeds to do the same with all of the others. The Camaro put up a bit of a fight, but relented after a couple of seconds. It was all over before it began.

And so, we present this video of a Mustang Cobra that is participating in the Big Bend Open Road Race near Fort Stockton, Texas. Tooling along at a buck-sixty-one, life is good. Well, until you get passed by another competitor, that is. Being near the top of the food chain doesn’t mean you’re at the top, so it’s handy to remember that there’s always a bigger fish in the pond.

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Don's background includes 14 years in the OEM and Tier2 domestic auto industry, as well as three years as Technical Editor of a muscle car enthusiast print magazine. He is a mechanical engineer by trade and completed his first project car when he was 16 years old - after rebuilding the engine in his bedroom. His hobbies include photography, film making and building the odd robot from time to time.
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