The title of the article says it all: this is the way ‘Vettes just roll, apparently, in continental Croatia’s otherwise beautiful Sveti Martin. But there’s nothing pretty at all about the kind of treatment that the motor-happy hoons in our featured video are giving to their lipstick-red ’86 ‘Vette at Sveti Martin’s Trash & Burn American car and bike show.

A cabaret in the boondocks consisting of erotic car washes, “trash” movies and pin-up girls, Croatia’s “Trash & Burn” event welcomes all of America’s greatest in terms of two and four-wheeled beasts, but what they do with them, at least in our featured video, is worthy of the description “car porn.”

Ever wonder just how much those older LT1 mills can do when they’re really pissed-off? Well apparently the owner of this C4 had the same question as he romps and stomps on the tarmac that appears to be no stranger to burnt rubber.

If you think it’s rude the way we’re describing these donut-busting festivities, then you ought to watch our featured video just one more time to see what “rude” really is. It’s an orchestra of small-block sound, but it’s also a royal waste of a perfectly good ‘Vette.

Granted, an ’80s-era Y-body is not one of the most lusted-after machines in the Chevy world. But even so, do you think this is a fitting use for a not-quite classic car, or just abuse?