Video: The Ultra Light AVI Racing “Corvette” Road Racer

One of the age-old issues in the road-racing world is the expense and trouble of taking a production car and building it into a racer, but the folks at AVI-Racing have solved that for all of you Corvette nuts. Instead of heading to the stealership and plunking down your hard-earned cash for a factory-fresh C6 to convert into a track weapon, they’ve come up with a kit-based C6-style road racer that is at home on the twisties of any course in the world. Instead of starting with a stocker, they build a killer modular tube chassis, complete with road-race style roll-cage, then top it off with a host of carbon-fiber body parts designed to replicate the C6 ‘Vette curves.

Inside, the chassis houses a crate Chevrolet Performance Parts LS3 engine, worked Tremec 6060 gearbox, and a completely upgraded suspension system that uses factory parts for ease of replacement. In addition, the front and rear sections of the chassis are designed to be easy to repair and replace in the event of an on-track mishap using parts that can be sourced from any Chevy Performance Parts dealer across this fine country.

The braking system has also been designed to meet and exceed road-course standards, giving you the ultimate in control from your boy-racer machine. Each aspect of the car appears to be well engineered, and from what we can see the end result is one hell of a road racer, as evidenced by the video on tap.

The car tracks flat through the corners, has an incredible amount of grip, and completely wrecks the road course in the video. Not only do they include all of the items listed above, they also can build you the car for the insanely-cheap opening bid of $59,999 less paint, seat, and tires, which they leave up to the owner’s discretion and ultimate end-use requirements. And who doesn’t love a burnout using a set of vice-grips for a throttle pedal?

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