Video: The Sound of a Corvette ZR1 from the Back

We try to keep things upbeat here, but sometimes you just have to face facts. And the fact is, most of us will never, ever own a Corvette ZR1. Even us, your humble Internet wordsmiths, would be lucky to spend even a day behind the wheel of this $110,000 supercharged supercar. When one shows up at a track day, it is like time stops for a brief moment as all eyes turn towards what could easily be considered the Ultimate Corvette.

But we can still live vicariously through others, who through either hard work or blind luck have the means to enjoy the 638 supercharged horsepower. This video was taken with a GoPro camera attached to the booty of a Corvette ZR1, and it’s basically just a minute or so of that sweet, sweet exhaust pipe song. Somebody make this a ringtone.


The video comes from That Racing Channel, and the ZR1 isn’t exactly stock either. It packs American Racing headers (which surely amplify that awesome sound) matched with a stock cat-back exhaust system. It also has a cold air intake, a supercharger pulley, and runs on E85 ethanol fuel. On a Mustang dyno it put down 608 horsepower at the wheels.

Honestly, it is a shame GM can’t find some way to pipe that sound directly into the passenger compartment. The only people who truly get to enjoy that supercharged song are the poor schmucks who get left behind then this ZR1 leaves them in its dust.

We don’t care if you’re a Ford guy, an import tuning professional, or just some hipster from Brooklyn; you can’t not love this sound.


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