Video: The Smoking Tire Reviews the Corvette ZR1 at the Mojave Mile

Matt Farah wants to go 180 miles an hour. He tried before at the Mojave Mile with a Porsche GT3 RS, and didn’t quite get the job done. This time he’s back with a whole new weapon – a Corvette ZR1 – to make another attempt at clipping 180.

In his review of the ZR1, Farah is brutally honest in his typical way, saying that “Some would call this the ultimate daily driver supercar, but they would be wrong. It has a cheap interior, you get more seat bolstering from an airport waiting room chair. It’s noisy and darts about on rutted pavement with a mind of its own, and to the untrained eye it’s just another Corvette.” Harsh, but likely very true.

However, when Farah gets behind the wheel and sends the ZR1 rocketing down the standing mile, he begins to sing quite a different tune, especially when the ZR1 beats his previous best of 175 on its first run, turning in an impressive 176 miles an hour. But, run after run he can’t break out of the 176’s even after taping up every gap on the car in an attempt to improve the wind resistance.

Since the video was first posted, there has been quite a debate over the reasons why the ZR1 wasn’t as fast at Mojave as many folks think it should have been – namely Farah’s weight. Farah rightfully defends himself in this lengthy epilogue posted on the Smoking Tire, where he lays out several good examples of why his weight had little to nothing to do with the car’s performance, as well as some convincing reasons why the Nissan GT-R in the video was faster.

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