Video: “The Smoking Tire” Flogs the Art Morrison 3G Corvette

No matter how realistic video games get, nothing will ever beat actually driving your dream car. Although this may never happen for some of us, especially those who dream of owning million-dollar supercars, Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire internet TV show (and the oft-maligned Car Show on cable) got to experience a dream turned reality that any automotive enthusiast would be jealous of – driving the one and only Art Morrison 3G Corvette. Not only is this car one-of-one and a potent track machine, it is also the actual car that was modeled for the Gran Turismo video game.

At SEMA in 2006, Art Morrison won the Gran Turismo Award. With this award, Morrison’s show car got modeled into a vehicle that can be driven in the video game if you rack up enough points. Although Farah experienced driving the 3G Corvette in Gran Turismo, he dreamed of bigger and better things, particularly driving the car in real life. And that’s exactly what he did in one of the latest videos “From Reality to Video Game and Back” on

In the dream-turned-reality video, Farah takes to the track at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada with the Art Morrison 3G Corvette. Backed by an all-aluminum 427 CI V8 big block, the 538hp 3G far surpasses anything in a video game. It actually has double the power to weight ratio of a Honda S2000 and double the horsepower of the original 1960 Corvette roadster it is built from. To top it all off, the 3G also weighs 150 pounds less than the original roadster, making it that much quicker on the draw. That means low 11-second quarter miles and 1.05g on the skidpad.

Built on an Art Morrison chassis, the 3G is equipped with electronic fuel injection, a Viper-spec transmission and a modern suspension system. Adding to the car’s agility is a perfect 50/50 weight distribution with the center of gravity right under the shifter. But the car isn’t just about performance. It is also about attention to detail.

This can be seen through the modified rear bumper that includes exhaust outlets, the functional roll-loops that are part of the car’s frame and the BMW angel-eyes headlights that took 120 hours to fabricate into the car. Taking cues from the 1960 Corvette it is based on, the 3G is a true roadster with no top or windows, meaning the windshield and cockpit surrounds are custom molded. The 3G is topped off with a custom interior that includes carbon fiber details created with the weave going the same direction throughout.

Farah addresses the people who would call cutting up a Corvette and using modern components to make the 3G sacreligious in the video, saying, “If you would rather spend your time on the lawn at Pebble Beach, God bless you. But if I see you on a racetrack, get the hell out of my way.”

While Farah got to live “every little boy’s dream” and his own (and don’t forget about at least one little girl’s dream), most of us won’t be so lucky. While video game cars are far cries from the real deal, we’ll drive them to keep our dream of owning a car as incredible as the Art Morrison 3G Corvette alive.

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