A Midyear Vette and a the timeless arm resting on the door. Too cool.

When many of us hear about tales of classic American musclecars being shipped to other parts of the world, we tend to get a little bit upset. In our minds, no one other than an American can truly appreciate a classic like a C2 Corvette, a 1st-Gen Camaro, or a vintage Chevelle. But they can, and they do. If you were to go anywhere in Europe, you would be surprised at the number of classic American car clubs there are.

From Britain to Sweden to Switzerland, the Old World has a love (or lust) for some brawny American muscle. They don’t do it out of investment, irony, mockery or humor, but for legitimate love and passion for our cars. Judging by pictures and videos we’ve seen in the past, they don’t play around, and they take their cars very seriously. 

Recently, we’ve spotted this this video on Vimeo, and it clearly depicts what the European car scene is all about; cool cars, good people, and fun times. Or pretty much what it’s like here. We see plenty of classic muscle like a C2 Vette, a Shelby Cobra, an Olds Cutlass, a Dodge Dart, classic Caddys, tons of motorcycles, and even an old 911 for a bit of European flavor. 

This classy black & white 5-minute clip was filmed at the Wheels and Waves Weekend in Biarritz, France. So after watching the video, you sort of have to ask yourself, “Is it really worth getting your panties in a bunch over cars that have found new ‘forever homes’ overseas?” Judging by what we see here, we don’t think so.