Corvette history aficionados are well aware of the contributions of Zora Arkus-Duntov. Corvette blogger Jeffrey Zurschmeide featured a write up regarding of Duntov’s many achievements, contributions and his famous memo regarding America’s sports car, known as the Chevrolet Corvette. Along with the written summation of Duntov’s last interview, Zurschmeide managed to track down the video of his final interview on YouTube.

Duntov had a passion for racing which he brought with as an employee at General Motors in 1953; this passion for performance would play out through the evolution of the Corvette from merely a beautiful car to a racing legend. After attending Motorama, Duntov was impressed with the aesthetic qualities of the car, but felt it was missing the performance necessary for the Corvette to become a true success.  Shortly after joining the company, Duntov wrote the infamous memo, “Thoughts Pertaining to Youth, Hot Rodders and Chevrolet”, which would influence the direction of the Chevrolet as well as the Corvette for generations.

This level of insight lead to Duntov to clandestinely develop the Grand Sport Corvette for the purpose of racing, which was always the driving force behind his ideas regarding the progression of the car. Along with the development of the Grand Sport models, Duntov established high-lift camshafts and assisted in bringing fuel injection to the ‘Vette. The wealth of information on Duntov’s experience with the Corvette is covered during the interview, but along with the history lesson, viewers are given insight into Duntov the person. For anyone with an interest in the rich history of America’s sports car, this video is a must-watch.