Video: The Cousins and Grandpa’s C7 Corvette

We can all remember when we got hooked on cars. Maybe it was a chance to ride in your neighbor’s ’70 Chevelle musclecar, or your dad had a sweet ’32 Ford project, or someone in high school had a hot ride with a nice rumble and you just had to have one. Wherever and whenever it was, you remember that moment like it was yesterday.

Heck, we still recall the license plate number from the first car we remember riding in as a young lad, a 1981 Ford Escort hatchback. While it wasn’t a performance car by any possible stretch of the imagination, at the ripe young age of seven it seemed like the coolest thing going. That car was so bare-bones that it only had one side mirror, a four-speed manual transmission, and vinyl seats, but it left an impression that cars were a toy for the big boys, and gave us something to look forward to as we got older.

These three ruffians have the life – Grandpa’s brand-new Night Race Blue C7 Corvette Stingray is the vehicle of choice. Our initial impression as the video starts is, “Get your foot off the sill, kid!”

As the video progresses, and we see that they have no intention of just sitting in the car, we were shocked. Grandpa appears to have a heart attack when the car drives off, and then we get a montage of all the places the boys take the car.

From New York City to Vegas to Paris and St. Louis and Los Angeles, the car sees the sights all over the world at the hands of the Three Musketeers – a chance we wish could have been ours with this awesome machine. It’s funny, and yes, kind of stupid, but it makes us yearn for the days of yore when the only thing on our minds was when we’d get that next ride in the neighbor’s hotrod. 

We’re also wondering if Grandpa ever got up off the ground…

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