Video: The Corvette Reaches New Highs in the C6 Generation

When it comes to cars, variety is key, and the sixth-generation Corvette has brought plenty of options for American sports car fans. From the base C6 to the mighty ZR1, we’ve seen a lot of choices come of the latest Corvette generation, as Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles points out in the sixth and final episode (at least until the 2014 model year!) of Corvette Generations. Check out what makes the C6 Corvette so memorable in the video above.

Introduced for the 2005 model year, the C6 Corvette was an instant success. A redesigned body meant more curves as well as a more compact structure that was 5 inches shorter than the C5 and no longer than a Porsche 911. The whole point of this was to make the car “leaner and meaner,” according to Charles, and that’s exactly what Chevrolet did.

In 2006, the C6 Z06 was introduced and with it came an aluminum frame and carbon fiber body panels, which reduced the weight of the car considerably. Of course, the massive 427ci LS7 engine capable of producing 505 horsepower and 475 pound feet of torque didn’t hurt matters either, and brought a new power option to the already potent C6 Corvette lineup.

In 2009, the famous ZR1 name made it’s comeback and brought with it a 638 HP supercharged LS9 V8. That was only the start for the new ZR1, as following model years brought better technology, more torque, and more racing routes to the most potent Corvette ever built.

For its last C6 model year and to celebrate the Corvette’s 60th anniversary, Chevrolet has brought out an even cooler option- the 2013 427 Convertible. For the first time ever, the Z06’s LS7 can now be found in a convertible, making this car the most powerful Corvette drop-top to ever come from a factory. It also features carbon fiber door panels, hood, and ground effects, as well as magnetic ride control.

The sixth-generation Corvette has had a good run for the last seven years but 2013 will be the C6’s last model year. But don’t you worry – Chevrolet has another great generation up their sleeve which they plan to push out for the 2014 model year. We can’t wait!

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