Senior pictures, good or bad, are a high school right of passage; however, ten years down the road these pictures are usually fodder for embarrassment when visiting your parents’ home. Teenagers are usually subjected to a plain backdrop occasionally spiced up with two numbers representing the projected graduation year at some cheesy photo studio or at the school site. However, a senior picture involving a beautiful high school senior and a C6 convertible is something that will leave the high school boys drooling. Lisa Wareham, of Lisa Wareham Photography, takes us inside of her creative process with class of 2012 senior model, Morgan, during her senior picture shoot.

A C6 convertible is destined to be a prominent part of Corvette history, but when combined with a striking young woman like Morgan the result is a senior picture that should stand the test of time. Regardless of the trends, 80’s hairstyles, the grunge look of the ‘90s or the modern day Emo look, Morgan should be proud of her accomplishments and her senior picture. Many of her classmates will probably be jealous of her choice of backdrop, the red C6 Corvette. This will definitely be a senior picture to remembered and cherished by Morgan along with her friends and family.