The amount of win in this video is somewhere in the realm of infinity.

We’ve seen them before; it seems as if the trend of beautiful models meeting equally beautiful, high-powered sports cars has taken off on the internet. When you throw a conveniently placed seat belt in the mix, you’ll have a viral internet hit for sure! In one of High Tech Corvette’s latest videos the beautiful Sarah Leann takes a ride in Late Model Racecraft’s 8-second twin turbo Corvette. While we’ve seen the C6 get down before, it certainly wasn’t in a fashion like this.

When this wonderful combo comes together and the gas is mashed to the floor, we are able to take in all the wonderful sights and sounds of the moment.  There are some videos that we wish would never come to an end, but unfortunately poor weather conditions cut filming short. While the credits at the end of the video claim that rain was the culprit of the video’s shortcomings, we are still able to see a considerable amount of theatrical greatness. It’s moments like this that we can just sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. After all, this video includes a beautiful woman along with more LS power than anyone could ever want.

The beast to match the beauty.

What more is there to ask for in life than this? The marketing geniuses at Late Model Racecraft seem to have struck it big with this one. Even if, for some reason, Corvettes aren’t your particular taste, there are a variety of other wonderful combinations at the end of the video to choose from.