Beautiful cars and beautiful women; what more could any red-blooded American man ask for? maybe a million bucks, but the woman and the car are a good start. Seeing as how YouTube is chock full of videos featuring buxom babes and hot rides, we can’t go and post all of them everyday. But every one in a while a model catches our eye, and we find ourselves going back to her over and over again.

That is the case with Nadia, who we were first introduced to in a video last week featuring the Rat Fink Dodge Challenger and this gorgeous gal all dressed up alongside it. Whilst on the YouTube, we came across another one of Nadia’s videos, this time with a ‘59 Corvette, and figured we might as well share that with you too.

Unlike Nadia’s previous video, which saw her all decked out in thigh-high boots and red leather outfits, this time around things are much more demure. That’s not to say she looks any less good; quite the contrary, it just demonstrates her wide-ranging appeal when it comes to modeling.

We supposed we should also mention the ‘59 Corvette in this video. It looks just like any other ‘59 Corvette, which is to say beautiful. But as beautiful as Nadia? You tell us, would you let this gorgeous model ride shotgun in your car?