Generally Mexican fast food joints typically appeal to teenagers and/or revelers after last call, but it is hard to tell what would possess a Corvette driver to brave snowy conditions for heartburn in burrito wrapper. Sure, the Mexican Pizza may sound like a good idea for lunch, but this same train wreck train of thought applies to driving a Corvette in the snow. Two occupants of another car are waiting patiently for their own south of the border specialties, and while they are killing time in the drive-thru they notice a black Corvette struggling to move forward in the Toxic Hell parking lot. As the driver tries to move forward, to no avail, even the trusty “rock it back and forth” strategy isn’t enough to end the Corvette fail.

Earlier this month Corvette Online debuted the best of Corvettes stuck in snow as public service to drivers reminding them to leave the ‘Vette in garage when the white stuff falls from the sky. In the end, the female eyewitness said it best, “That’s what you get for driving a Corvette in the snow.”