Video: Texas ‘Vette Runs 9’s With Little Boost

For those folks that say ‘Vettes can’t get great short times because of the IRS, Josh Dodson has one thing to say… phooey! Actually, he had something else to say, but it wasn’t intended for polite company. Dodson, who works out of Resurrection Motorsports in Arlington, TX, put that myth to bed earlier this month during a trip to Dallas Raceway.

Working in conjunction with A&A Corvette, from Longview,TX, this silver drop top has been treated to an extensive list of mods designed for speed, not comfort. The LS3 heads and shortblock remain stock, with the exception of a blower cam. A Vortech SI trim supercharger has been tucked in nicely under the hood and supplemented with a 6-rib belt and Flip Drive system. An uprated fuel system from A&A keeps things cool, as well as the Alky Control dual nozzle methanol injection system. An RR Ultra-Grip 3.00″ pulley sets the blower up for 13 pounds of boost.

The job of taking out the trash falls to a set of Kooks 1 3/4″ Headers with a 3″ off-road X-pipe and Corsa Sports exhaust system. Behind the motor, you’ll find a Yank 3200-stall torque converter and a built 3.42 differential. Actual pavement wrinkling is handled by a pair of custom 18 × 11-inch rear rims shod with 305/35/18 MT drag radials, with skinnies installed at the pointy end.

Showing up at Dallas Raceway, Josh and his group started the day off with a 10.13 @ 135 mph run, but they knew there was a lot more in the car. So began the rigorous work of tuning the suspension and flash tune. Before long, they were into the nines and when they finished the day, their best result was a 9.75 @ 139mph, including a 1.46 short time. A good part of that falls to getting the Pfadt Inverted Sport Shocks adjusted correctly for drag duty.

A quarter mile race can easily be lost in the first fifty feet, so this is the kind of performance you want to see. Check out the video, you’ll see that the launch of this ‘Vette is completely without drama.

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