Video: Taking “One-Of-A-Kind Corvette” to an Extreme

Every car has beauty in its own way, even the not-so-subtle, awkwardly designed ones. If nothing else, they’re unique, different and certainly showing of individual personality. But regardless of the intricate beauty you can find in any vehicle, there are just some builds we can’t help but shake our heads at. The four-door Corvette in the video above is one such case.

Owner of McJacks Corvettes, Jack Grubisich has always been into American cars, from the classics to the muscular, but the model that holds a special place in his heart is the Corvette. Just like Grubisich’s opera singing, it takes a special person to work on Corvettes, but it takes a one-of-a-kind person to find the appeal of creating a family sedan out of the American sports car. But, that’s exactly what Grubisich did.

Taking two Corvettes and piecing them together, Grubisich created a Corvette limo of sorts, although he prefers to call it the “four-door Corvette for the family man.” The car has also been dubbed the Silver Bullet.

No matter what you want to call it, the stretch Corvette acts as one of Grubisich’s daily drivers. To help smooth out bumps in the road, it’s equipped with air suspension and Cooper Zeon RS3-A tires wrapped around American Racing wheels, while it’s powered by a fuel-injected Chevy 350 strapped to an automatic 700R4 gearbox.

Other features you’ll find on the car include extra long side pipes, four removable T-tops, four TVs, digital gauges, a Pioneer N1 stereo system with navigation and DVD players, and even a back-up camera.

While not everyone’s idea of the perfect Corvette, we have to admit this one-of-a-kind car certainly is appealing in its own right. Whether it’s for a prom date or a special outing, what open-minded car guy would say no to a stretch Corvette?

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