Video: Tail-Wagging, Flame Shooting ZR1 Makes 902 RWHP

The giant blinding fire ball that explodess from this ZR1  post-dyno run may be very impressive, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that the Corvette laid down just over 900 horsepower to the rear wheels right before unleashing the fireworks show. This 2010 ZR1 belongs to Eric Lancaster, and the video was shot at ShorTuning in Stanford, Kentucky, as the heavily modified ZR1 was running on their in-house Dyno Dynamics dynamometer for a little bit of WOT tuning.   

ZR1 tailpipes go KAPOOYA!

Lancaster’s ZR1 is still using stock LS9 long-block, but is sporting a set of ported LS9 heads and a Brian Tooley Racing custom camshaft designed specifically for supercharged applications. The stock blower was also treated to some port work along with a new snout and pulley from Lingenfelter, and a methanol injection kit and an upgraded heat exchanger cool down the bigger boost charge. American Racing Headers with 2-inch primaries carry the spend exhaust gasses out to an ORX-pipe, and on to the stock mufflers. All 900-plus ponies made by the LS9 are transferred to the rear tires through an RPS carbon clutch and an RPM built 6-Speed transmission. Lancaster reportedly did all the work to the Corvette himself, and ShorTuning tuned the LS9 for max power.   

Lancaster uses all that horsepower for more than just shooting huge flames at unsuspecting dyno operators. In fact, the ZR1 regularly runs mid-9 second ETs with trap speeds well into the 150 MPH range.

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