Video: Sweet Dallas Performance Stage 5R Supercharged Z06

corvette2HD video is awesome. It’s even more awesome when it shows off a sick Dallas Performance supercharged, 1,000-horse Z06 being put through its paces on the back roads of Texas. The machine simply glows in the light, and for more reasons than the sweet coat of red paint adorning its flanks. 

You see, this insane machine has a host of upgrades that without a doubt set the owner’s pocket on fire. Starting with the GM Performance Parts LSX block that’s been stuffed with a forged Callies LS7 crankshaft and forged Ultra H-beam connecting rods and engine with the ProCharger F-1R supercharger, nearly every nook and cranny of this beast has been upgraded. The cooling system has been updated with a Meziere electric water pump, dual electric fans, and a high capacity aluminum radiator to keep the temperatures in check in the intense Texas heat.

corvette1The supercharger system relies on a 10-rib serpentine drive to prevent belt slip, critical when the higher RPM ranges are reached – and from the sweet, sweet sound of this Z06’s exhaust note, it’s obvious that the car has been built achieve those revs with ease. Regular old pump gas doesn’t do too good of a job keeping 1,000 horses happy, so to that end the owner’s got an AlkyControl methanol injection system on board to keep the octane up and the cylinder temperatures down.

Dallas Performance gets the credit for putting the hotrod together, and in our humble opinion they did a bang-up job. The black Forgestar wheels bring it all together to create a sick package that any gearhead would be proud to own – and the car is currently for sale. Check out the details under the video for more information.

Video Credit: Ash Turner

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