Video: Supercharged Z06 Hits 160 MPH In Half-Mile

The Corvette Z06 remains one of the best performance bargains in the motor world. Few other automakers offer so much sports car for such little cash. Even the base Corvette carries a rating of over 400 horsepower, and stepping up to the mighty Z06 nets you a 505 horsepower, 7.0 liter monster of a V8 motor. Add some forced induction to the mix, and you have a nigh-unstoppable speed machine.

This video from our friends at High Tech Corvette shows Kelly Bise finally getting a chance behind the wheel of his supercharged Corvette Z06 at the Houston Mile. Yet even during a half-mile test run, Bise was able to get his supercharged ‘Vette up to 160 MPH.

But not before a few other test runs showed how squirrelly this supercharged Z06 can be. Kelly, who also owns and races the World’s Fastest Twin-Turbo Camaro, is an experienced driver, and even he has a hard time keeping this beast under control. Supercharged Z06 Corvettes can easily put over 700 ft-lbs of torque to the ground, which would explain why the ‘Vette looks like it is skating on ice.

Once Kelly finally gets some traction though, this supercharged Z06 runs like a bat out of hell, and by the time we switch to the in-car video, he has already almost hit 100 MPH. In the span of just a half-mile, Kelly’s Corvette taps 160 before backing off, which leaves us wondering what it will hit in the full mile. Any guesses?

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