Video: Supercharged Corvette vs. Koenigsegg CCXR

Some people like cars enough to spend upwards of $1 million on certain super-exotics. Among these elite manufacturers is the all but unpronounceable Koenigsegg, a Swedish-based builder of super-fast hyper-exotic sports car. Thankfully, the cars they produce have much shorter and easier names to say, like the CCXR, a car with a theoretical top speed of 271 MPH, and almost 1,100 horsepower.

So what is it doing racing a supercharged Corvette? And does the ‘vette even stand a chance? You’ll have to watch this mile-long race to find out. Or, you know, just skip to the end of the article.

Built in 2009, the CCXR was designed to run either E85 or E100 ethanol, or at least 98 octane fuel. That’s because its 4.7 liter aluminum DOHC engine produces around 1,064 horsepower and over 780 ft-lbs of torque. It is also much lower to the ground than the Corvette C6 it lines up against, as well as aerodynamically designed to achieve speeds in excess of 250 MPH. In short, the Corvette shouldn’t stand a chance.

Never underestimate American muscle though, even when it happens to be in Russia (where this race took place.) The Corvette is said to be a supercharged Z06 model, with around 700 horsepower on tap. But that can’t possibly be right, as the Corvette beats the million-dollar Koenigsegg in ever category, nailing a 12.3 second quarter mile and blitzing down the 1-mile track in just over 28 seconds, just barely beating the CCXR. Amazing. Maybe he had a hidden nitrous kit along for the ride? Or perhaps the Chevy Corvette really is just that damn good…

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