Video: Supercharged C6 Does a Perfect 360 on the Dragstrip

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Luck will save you when you run out of talent, traction, and ideas. A perfect case in point is the video we see here. From the description, we know that this 2007 LS2-powered Corvette is packing a Vortech supercharger, putting out a claimed 635 horsepower and 552 pound-feed of torque. We can also infer from the fact that it “usually” runs 12.2 at 123 MPH, it’s severely traction-limited and probably running on stock (or stockish, at least) tires.

Burnout? We don't need no stinkin' burnout!

Adding evidence to this conjecture is the fact that the driver goes around the water box, doing not even so much as a dry hop to clean off the treads. From the audio, we can hear that the car is struggling to put the power effectively to the ground right from the start, but things don’t get really interesting until about the 1/8 mile mark. At that point, things go from “frustrating” to “pants-fouling terror” very quickly.

So far, so good...

The Corvette has just enough of a lead on the car in the left lane to complete a 360-degree spin right down the center of the track without hitting it, or the walls. Having just cheated the Reaper, the driver of the Corvette puts it back into gear and calmly drives down the rest of the strip, and even stops to collect his timeslip.

ProTip: The scoreboards at the end of the track should not be visible in the mirrors until after the pass has been completed...

Having had a few close calls ourselves at the dragstrip, though none quite this dramatic, we give mad props (people still say that, right?) to the driver for avoiding the destruction of at least one, and possibly two cars. But we’d recommend investing in a pair of drag radials before the next trip to Test & Tune Night at Bandimere

Don't forget to thank the person handing out timeslips. They never get to see anything cool happen on the track.

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