You’re a gear head, right? So you like gears – gears and things that can make your car haul some serious ass. Well, you’re in luck because this video we found on YouTube from ProCharger features both of those things, all in 3D animation. Check it out above to get a look inside ProCharger’s self-contained centrifugal supercharger’s billet case and all the other moving wonders that lie therein, including the boost producing impeller and step-up drive gears.

As the video points out, one of the biggest advantages to a belt-driven centrifugal supercharger over turbos (or even other superchargers for that matter) is the fact that your intake air is exposed to far less heat. Turbos are driven by hot exhaust gasses that naturally transfer that heat into your intake stream, and positive displacement superchargers are mounted directly on top of the engine where all the engine bay heat will collect. ProChargers don’t suffer from either of these problems, and in fact, they are typically able to be placed at an optimum position in the engine bay to get the best access to the flow of fresh ambient air. Heck, ProChargers won’t even pick up heat from engine oil. That’s because they don’t need it for lubrication; Prochargers have their own patented self-contained oil system, further strengthening their “thermal advantages” over other forms of forced induction.

All of those advantages add up to much lower air intake temps, which makes for a more dense charge – and you know what that means – more power to the rear wheels. Check out the video here, and visit ProCharger’s website here for more info on their supercharger options.