Video: Stoplight Race Between C5 and C6 Corvettes Ends in Crash

The Chevy Corvette is a purpose-built performance machine, and its owners know it. Go to any gathering of Corvette owners, and you’ll no doubt hear the hemming and hawing as each attempts to outdo the other in horsepower, quarter-mile times, and money spent. And there’s nothing wrong with competition, in the right venue. A red light in a suburban neighborhood, with bicyclists all around, is not the right venue. As this video found by Hooniverse shows though, cosmic justice reached down and smited these two fools for their reckless behavior.

Sometimes the fates align, and we’ll find ourselves lined up at a stoplight against a fast car with a like-minded driver. And we could make the argument that, in certain cases, a race between stop lights is acceptable, if not exactly wise. Say, you’re in the middle of a flat, straight highway, no cars around, its midnight, and you’re far from anybody else. It’s just your butt and wallet at risk.

But in daylight, as kids on bikes are crossing in front of you? This has bad idea all over it, and the videographer could sense that something stupid was about to happen as these two silver Corvettes line up at the stoplight. Sure enough, they take off, one loses control, and takes out the other. Did these guys deserve this? Or was the hand of cosmic justice too cruel? You tell us.

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Christopher DeMorro is a freelance writer and journalist from Connecticut with two passions in life; writing and anything with an engine.
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